'Desperate (but not crazy)' mom finds fat orange cat to have lasagna dinner with her Garfield-obsessed children

Looking back, Garfield had so many things right. Mondays are the worst! Lasagna is delicious! Breathing is exercise! It’s no wonder that he is idolized by one Oklahoma City couple’s two children.

Clara Edwards and her husband, Chad Edwards, were hoping to find an orange cat to have a lasagna dinner with their Garfield-obsessed daughters. (Photo: Chad Edwards)

Clara Edwards was on a desperate search to find someone who had an orange cat that could play Garfield for a day and enjoy a lasagna dinner with her 4- and 2-year-old daughters that she posted help wanted ads online and on an OU Medical Center bulletin board.

@lauren_jade44 originally saw the wanted poster at her father’s workplace and uploaded it to Twitter. (Photo: @lauren_jade44 via Twitter)

The ad read, “Wanted: to BORROW an orange cat for 24-48 hours, to have a lasagna dinner with Garfield-loving 4-year-old and 2-year-old children.” It clarifies that the cat does not have to eat the lasagna and feral cats need not apply. 

The “desperate (but not crazy)” mom promised to return the cat to its owner “happy and cared for.”

The plea for a Garfield-look-alike has since made its rounds on both Twitter and Reddit, and now Clara and her husband, Chad, have found their cat.

This was all my wife’s doing,” Chad told Yahoo Lifestyle. “My oldest daughter fell in love with Garfield cartoons on Boomerang. One day out of the blue, she asked for lasagna, a new food for her. Most kids don’t ask to try something new.”

However, when Chad and Clara’s daughter sat down to have Garfield’s favorite meal, she started to cry. “She thought Garfield would be eating with us,” Chad said. “As soon as that happened, my wife whispers, ‘I’m finding a Garfield’ to me.”

Finding a Garfield wasn’t easy, though. Clara tried friends and family first, then friends of friends — but no one had an orange cat who fit the bill. “Then she posted the ad on her work bulletin board. Then Craigslist and Instagram,” Chad said. The ad was posted for about a month before a woman with an orange cat reached out to Clara.

Saturday, Garfield will surprise the two girls at a lasagna dinner, accompanied by the cat’s owner and her boyfriend.

My wife very much will do whatever it takes to make something special for them,” Chad said. 

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