Despite Dorian damage, Cavendish campground will open on time

P.E.I. National Park is still working to clear trees knocked down by post-tropical storm Dorian, but park officials say campgrounds at Cavendish and Stanhope will open on time in June.

Cavendish was particularly hard hit by the September storm, with about 80 per cent of trees knocked down or damaged to the point they had to be removed. When the cleanup started, trees were piled so high more than half the campground was inaccessible.

"Our current focus right now is really the removal of the forest debris. We are mostly focusing on the Cavendish area especially the Cavendish campground," said parks project manager Nicole Gallant.

"We are removing logs. We're fixing landscaping, removing a lot of the excess vegetation, especially along our trails."

Parks Canada began taking reservations for the summer season two weeks ago.

While the campground will be open restoration work, including the planting of trees and shrubs, will continue into the fall.

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