Despite pandemic, My East Coast Experience forging ahead with online events and wider global audience

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The Most Inspiring Immigrants in the Maritimes is an annual event that identifies and honours immigrants who have made a difference in their communities.

The sixth annual event takes place Friday and due to the pandemic, it is going to be hosted online with partners and a local restaurant.

Ifeanyi Emesih, founder of My East Coast Experience and the organizer of the event said because the event is virtual, they are able to make it accessible to audiences from all over the world.

“There is an immigrant from China who won. And I know that her parents are going to be watching from China,” he said.

Emesih said the recipients are from all around the world, including Denmark, China, Africa, and Bermuda.

Emesih said the event also provides a unique remote gala experience by partnering with a local restaurant to offer food delivery to its guests.

“If you're in the comfort of your home, you're watching this thing online. The doorbell rings and your three-course dinner is there. You are being entertained, and you're honouring these amazing immigrants,” said Emesih.

Emesih said this is also My East Coast Experience’s way to support local businesses.

“We've made the best with what we've been dealt. We want to make sure that we continue being positive about other situations that we find ourselves in,” said Emesih.

Lu Xu, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Chronicle Herald