All the Details on Ariel Frenkel From ‘The Bachelor’—Including Exactly How Far She Makes It

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All the Deets on Ariel Frenkel From ‘The Bachelor’ABC

It’s been approximately five minutes since Zach Shallcross started his season of The Bachelor, and it’s actually shaping up to be...not that dramatic and actually kinda low-key? Like, maybe I’ve fully lost my barely there grip on reality, but I actually think he could find love on this spooky show, god bless him.

Either way, Zach seems serious about cutting the “the drama and the bullshit” (his words, literally) and eliminated 10 women on night one. So clearly, he’s focused on one thing and one thing only: falling in love ~in front of an entire camera crew~. Zach still has several dozen contestants remaining, and just a heads-up that you’re gonna want to keep an eye on Ariel Frenkel. We’ll save the details on how far Ariel makes it for the end of this article in case you want to avoid spoilers—but for now, here’s everything the internet knows about her social media, job, general vibes, and what she’s looking for in a relationship.

Ariel’s Insta Is Public

I mean, one can’t do sponcon post-Bachelor without a public Insta, ya know?

She’s a Marketing Executive

Ariel works in marketing and lives in New York City (although she also appears to travel a ton)! According to her ABC bio, she’s a “thrill seeker” and “adventurous,” so Zach better be prepared to step out of his comfort zone and live a little.

ABC also notes that Ariel is “a woman of the world and has traveled everywhere, from Europe to Asia to South America and more” and that “when she’s not jet-setting, she loves exploring her hometown of New York City by going on long walks and listening to SZA.”

Love her already, no notes.

She Knows What She Wants in a Man

Specifically, a man who can “match her energy.” Is that this man? Unclear.

Also, while we’re here, Ariel’s “fun facts” are as followed:

• Ariel loves to read Architectural Digest.
• Ariel doesn’t do tarantulas under any circumstance.
• Dancing to ABBA makes Ariel smile.

*patiently waits for Bachelor producers to force her to interact with a tarantula*

Her Family Is From Ukraine

ABC notes that Ariel comes from a “loving Ukrainian family,” which she’ll be opening up about during the Bachelor. (Reality Steve says she talks about her family during an upcoming group date.)

On that note, spoilers incoming!

She Gets a One-on-One With Zach in Estonia

Tragically, there are no pictures from the date, but we do know Ariel got a rose thanks to Reality Steve once again coming through with the spoilers.

She Makes It to Hometowns

Ariel’s hometown date was filmed in New York City back in early November 2022, according to Reality Steve. She and Zach were spotted walking next to several giant piles of trash, so great to see they had an authentic New York experience!

She’s in the Final Three!

Zach and Ariel’s hometown date in NYC must have gone well, because she makes it to the final three in Thailand along with Gabi Elnicki and Kaity Biggar. But, Ariel didn't make it past the rose ceremony after all, ultimately finishing the show in the top three.

According to Reality Steve, Kaity wins this season and walks away engaged to Zach! He notes that other sources claim Gabi was the one to actually win, but he's sticking by his own sources. So, guess we'll have to wait and see how it all truly unfolds once the show wraps up!

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