New details revealed in case of man accused of trafficking 2 teens

New details revealed in case of man accused of trafficking 2 teens

A 32-year-old Upper Hammonds Plains, N.S., man held a teenage girl against her will in a locked basement, sexually assaulted her and forced her to have sex for money with other men, according to search warrant papers filed in Halifax provincial court.

Leeanthon Oliver faces 21 charges in an alleged human trafficking case involving two 15-year-old girls. None of the allegations spelled out in the search warrant application have been tested in court.

The court papers say Oliver and one of the girls met on Snapchat, an online instant messaging service, earlier this year. Oliver's profile said he was 18.

"The two continued to chat with one another and he would send her messages saying nice things and that he loved her," Det.-Const. Michael Cheeseman, of Halifax Regional Police, wrote in the search warrant application.

Evidence seized from Oliver's home

In late February, police seized Oliver's laptop computer, external hard drive and cellphone. Police were specifically looking for prostitution-related ads and a history of conversations between Oliver and prospective clients, according to search warrant documents.  

On Feb. 21, Oliver and one of the girls met for the first time in person at a fast food restaurant in New Glasgow.

That afternoon Oliver and another man drove the girl from New Glasgow to Oliver's home in Upper Hammonds Plains. Upon arrival, the other man left.

Girl alleges sexual assault

The girl was taken to an unfinished basement, which had a mattress, two blankets and a pillow on the floor, police allege. The girl told police another 15-year-old girl was there but left the house because Oliver was mad at her.

The complainant alleges Oliver repeatedly touched her under her shirt and pants before he fell asleep.

Oliver woke up later. His male friend came back to the house and picked Oliver and the complainant up and drove them to a hotel in downtown Halifax.  

When Oliver and the girl entered the room, two males were inside waiting.

The court papers say Oliver ordered the girl to get undressed. One of the other men had sex with her, pulled her hair and choked her.

Forced to hand over money

Both men gave Oliver money afterward, the court papers say.

Oliver and the girl left the hotel in the early hours of the morning. Once they arrived back to Oliver's home, Oliver repeatedly demanded sex but the girl refused, she said.

Later that night, the girl told Oliver she wanted to go home but he would not let her leave. The girl said she saw the other 15-year-old girl at the house also give Oliver $20 and $50 bills several times.

The complainant managed to tell a friend through Snapchat that she being held against her will. That friend called police and officers went to Oliver's home. They found the girl walking down the street.

She was interviewed by an officer and then taken to hospital to be treated for injuries related to the sexual assaults.

Oliver returns to court April 28 for a bail hearing.

The teens' names are protected from publication.