'It's devastating:' Owner says poutine trailer was stolen before opening

A lone picnic table is all that's left where Michael Maisonville's dream once was. 

After losing his job in the social service sector over the summer, Maisonville and his sister gave into his dream and financed a $10,000 food truck trailer that they were hoping to open as poutinerie at the end of the month.

"This truck meant the world," he said.

On Monday, Maisonville drove by the lot on Piccadilly Street where his food truck was parked, something he usually does every morning, but hadn't had the chance to do over the weekend.

To his surprise, the 2007 beige trailer, which was already furnished with fryers and grills, was gone.  

The trailer had been secured by a chain that was attached to a nearby post. There was even a trailer lock on the hitch meant to prevent any truck from hooking it up and driving away with it.  

"It's devastating to suffer a setback like this," Maisonville said. 

Sofia Rodriguez/CBC

"This food truck is our livelihood," his wife, Michelle, said. The couple, who have two children, had already faced a setback earlier in the summer getting city permits to establish the business.  

Besides an income, the poutine trailer had a sentimental value to Maisonville and his family. 

Just less than a year before Maisonville lost his job, he also lost his grandmother who inspired the business name, The Woodshed Poutinerie. 

"The running joke growing up was that if anyone did anything wrong or misbehaved, grandma was going to take them out into the woodshed," he said. "We really wanted to honour her with this business and make it a family one."

Maisonville has two teenage children, one who aspires to be a chef. 

"He was going to get his start at the trailer ... It was going to really be a family hub," Michelle said. 

Sofia Rodriguez/CBC

The family is hoping someone spots the food trailer, wherever it may be. 

"It's pretty hard to miss with a red roof," Maisonville said. 

London Police have been notified of the incident. Crime Analysts with police say that this is the only reported stolen food truck they have on file recently.