Developer offers free 3-bedroom house in Victoria — with just one catch

A three-bedroom, three-bathroom home in Victoria is being given away for free — the only catch is the new owner will have to pay to move it to another location.

The 2,500-square-foot home on Brighton Avenue is listed on Used Victoria under the heading "Free House (you move)". 

The owner, Cooper Shantz, said he recently purchased it and his development company plans to build a new, larger house on the lot.

He's now hoping to avoid demolition costs by giving it away to someone who has space for it.

"If it can go to a good home with somebody that has a bit of a vision and a bit of a handy way about them, I think there's an opportunity for the right person," Shantz said. 

So far, Shantz said he's received about nine serious inquiries.

It's not unheard of that homes be offered for free. James Connolly's company, Nickel Brothers, has moved these types of houses before. 

Connolly said the age and shape of the house means it may be challenging to move, but it's not impossible.

"If all comes together properly and it's an affordable, or reasonably affordable, delivery, it's a lot quicker to be occupiable than necessarily starting from scratch," Connolly said.  

Shantz said he's willing to contribute some money toward the move, since it will help offset demolition costs.

The home needs to be moved by the end of the first week of July or it will be torn down.

With files from Liz McArthur