Development in line with five year plan

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SOUTHWEST MIDDLESEX - Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. have been chosen to head the Developmental Charges Study by Southwest Middlesex.

During council late last month a presentation was made and total costs were announced to be $33,635 with a request for additional $3,635, be used from the reserve plus applicable tax if required.

The five-year plan which is shared between the county and the municipalities focuses on risk and protective factors. The presentation which was given by CAO-Clerk Jill Bellchamber-Glazier focused on four main areas that the community intends to focus on by use of the plan, health, homelessness, quality of life and public safety.

“The implementation is to continue to try and work together where we have an approach at the county level, but also a local municipal approach. And that’s why I would say this is going to be the last time that you hear about this. An important was an informative exercise to go through as mandated by the province. There’s no funding word from the province but it will be something that you will want to consider as part of your other plants and options,” said Bellchamber-Glazier.

The motion was moved by Deputy Mayor Marigay Wilkins and Seconded by Coun. Carruthers and it passed unanimously.

Some areas in SWM that are targeted for new housing include Subdivision 39TSM2001 (pending draft plan approval-Glencoe) which calls for 119 building lots for single detached dwellings, 8 lots for 16 semi-detached dwellings, and a medium density block for future development.

Subdivision 39TSM2101 (pending draft plan approval-Glencoe) 26 lots for single detached dwellings, and 13 lots for 26 semi-detached dwellings.

Subdivision 39T 86001 (draft plan approved, pending final approval-Glencoe) 22 lots for single detached dwellings.

Subdivision 39T SM 1301 (final approved-Melbourne) 9 lots for single detached dwellings. Glenn Meadows in Glencoe and Site Plan SPA 3-2020 (pending approval) calls for 17 townhomes.

That makes for a lot of future new homes coming to Glencoe and area!

Damon MacLean, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner

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