Devon family pleads for return of necklace containing father's ashes

A Devon woman says Father's Day has taken on a sombre tone this year, after a necklace containing her husband's ashes was stolen.

Crissi Fedor says her son, Skyler, 22, was celebrating Devon Days with his family on June 11. He gave the necklace to a relative, who put it on the console of his unlocked Ford F-150. When they returned to the truck a few hours later, the necklace was gone. Nothing else was missing from the vehicle.

The necklace contained some ashes from Fedor's husband, Darran, who died from cancer in November. He was 49.

"It's been a really tough week," Fedor said. 

"When somebody takes something from you, you kind of feel violated. But when it's something like that, that has more value in terms of its sentiment as opposed to the monetary value, it would just be so nice to have it back."

The necklace is described as a silver cross with Darran's fingerprint engraved on the front, and the date of his birth and death. It says "Dad."

Fedor said she did not file a police report when they discovered the necklace was missing. Although she's received tremendous support from the community and across Canada, she has no leads on where the necklace might be.

This is the family's first Father's Day without Darran.

Fedor said whoever has the necklace can drop it off at the Devon General Hospital, no questions asked.

She says she hopes whoever has the necklace handles it with care.

"I just want people to be respectful if they did have it. It did contain ashes and it's not just a random silver cross," she said.

"It's not just that we don't have it with us anymore, it's also that someone else has a piece of that part of our family. So it's hard."