‘Dexter’ fans are satisfied with second series finale eight years later

Warning: this article contains spoilers for the Dexter: New Blood finale:

On Sunday’s finale of the Dexter: New Blood mini series, the second series finale for the character of Dexter ended with fans much less upset this time around, considering the series finale in 2013 is widely thought of as one of the worst in TV history.

The return of Dexter Morgan in what was billed as a mini series was meant to course-correct the initial series finale, which found the titular character disappearing to a quaint mountain town and changing his identity, leaving his son behind.

But when he started to feel the heat in this finale, instead of disappearing Dexter came face-to-face with his past, and face-to-face with his son Harrison, who was pointing a gun at him.

After Harrison tracked down a fleeing Dexter in the woods, a poignant moment happened with Dexter reflecting on all the good people he has killed over the years - while operating outside of his “code” that requires him to only kill bad people - and it became clear to Dexter and his son that there was only one way for this to end. With Harrison killing his father.

“I've never really felt love. Real love. Until now,” Dexter’s infamous voiceover said before a gunshot rang out.

Reactions to the ending poured in on Twitter and while some still weren’t happy, many thought it was the perfect ending by providing some much-needed closure.

Video Transcript


- Same [? will ?] marks. Same drugs showing up in their tox report. It's what we call a pattern. And it's how I know that you, Dexter Morgan, are the Bay Harbor Butcher.

KYLIE MAR: On the finale of the "Dexter New Blood" miniseries Sunday, what is potentially a second series finale for the character of "Dexter" ended with fans much less upset this time around, especially since the finale in 2013 is widely considered to be one of the worst in TV history. Because instead of disappearing and getting a new identity, this time, Dexter came face to face with his past and face to face with his son Harrison.

- I've never really felt love, real love until now.


KYLIE MAR: Reactions poured in on Twitter. And while some still weren't happy, many thought it was the perfect ending with comments like, "Definitely satisfied with Dexter New Blood finale. I feel this gave me the closure I needed." And, "We got the ending we deserved. Very happy about it. The other one was the second worst ending to a series I ever saw."

Showrunner Clyde Phillips didn't shut the door on continuing the franchise with Harrison, but said it's ultimately up to Showtime. But with the pain of this ending still settling in for some fans, another reboot can probably wait.

- You did good.

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