Did Paul Mescal Just Poke Fun At THOSE Rumors That He Runs Away From Dates?

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Paul Mescal might have just revealed that he's as deep into the internet as the next person (celebrities, they're just like us). And that he's possibly aware of the lore about himself.

In a recent interview on the viral YouTube show, Chicken Shop Date with Amelia Dimoldenberg, Mescal brings his Irish sad boy charm to the “date" and fully leans into the show's satirical premise. At one point during the interview, the two start talking about romance and Mescal notes that it's “subjective” to each person. Dimoldenberg then asks Mescal what he finds romantic, to which he replies: “I love walking. A good long walk is romantic to me.”

“Simple pleasures,” he adds. ‘I’m a simple man."

While most people would take that answer for what it is — that he likes to take walks — Mescal fans believe that he might have been poking fun at certain rumors that recently circulated about the actor. Mescal, who hasn't been romantically linked to anyone since Phoebe Bridgers, was said to be in the habit of having multiple one-night stands and then taking them on “walks” in the park where he would allegedly sprint away from them. Yes, we're being totally serious.

It's unclear where the rumor started exactly, but a TikTok from user Erin Mary Smith went viral in December 2023 where she spoke about his alleged dating routine. Of course, this is all social media fodder, but the rumors birthed multiple memes.

After this most recent interview, it seems like Mescal might have seen the jokes as well — without directly addressing them. If so, he's definitely able to laugh at himself.

Paul Mescal is currently promoting his latest film, All of Us Strangers, starring alongside Andrew Scott, playing his romantic interest. Mescal recently spoke with Dazed about the film's exploration of loneliness, grief, and being queer and opened up about the difficulty of emulating moments of intimacy — particularly the moments after a sex scene.

“I find that it’s actually easier to play sex scenes than it is to play the tenderness after sex,” Mescal said. “The tenderness required in your quality of touch is something you can’t really block and write. It’s not like you’re going to touch his hand like this at this particular moment. It just doesn’t work like that.”

Mescal and Dimoldenberg also joked in his Chicken Shop Date interview that he often plays “sad and sexy” roles (see: Normal People, Aftersun) but said that he would like to be in a rom-com one day.

Watch the full interview here:

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