Did Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Really Just Kill Off [Spoiler] Ahead of the Season Finale?

Bloody Rose truly lives up her name — the first half it, anyway — in Episode 7 of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School, which ends with the presumed murder of a major player in the game.

Now streaming on Max, the season’s penultimate episode concludes with Kelly finally seeing the error of her mother’s ways. But when Faran arrives at the pool for a secret chat with the reformed cult member, she finds Kelly floating face down in the water, following an apparently fatal encounter with Bloody Rose.

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Bloody Rose targeting Kelly isn’t entirely out of left field, given that Imogen spots a red rose on Karen’s grave earlier in the episode. But come on, hasn’t the Beasley family suffered enough? Sure, it’s possible (by PLL logic) that lifeguard-of-the-year Faran could theoretically rescue Kelly, but people who meet the end of Bloody Rose’s blade don’t typically get a happy ending.

Speaking of endings, the stage is officially set for next week’s wild finale, with Kelly’s possible demise being just one of several game-changing twists in Episode 7. Others include…

* Noa continues her season-long parade of foolishness by breaking up with Shawn, and it isn’t long before he figures out that it’s been Jen’s fault all along. Shawn pays Jen a not-so-friendly visit, allegedly even punching a hole in the wall, which sends Noa off the deep end. She takes a baseball bat to Shawn’s beloved car, leaving no window unsmashed.

* In an attempt to quell Bloody Rose’s cult, Mouse posts a video to Spooky Spaghetti in which she pretends to be Angela, saying that she’s back with her family and all she wants now is peace. Unfortunately, they aren’t fooled in the slightest; the heinous hoard doxes Mouse before making threats of violence against her grandmother. And speaking of living legend Lola, Mouse comes home to find her grandmother entertaining a visitor… Rose Waters!

* Faran and Greg finally give into their obvious feelings for one another, sealing the deal with a kiss. Or two. Or a lot. He promises that he and Kelly are done… and he has no idea how right he is.

* Wes finally apologizes to Tabby and Christian for being a total dick and (again, finally) leaves town. And we’d really, really like to believe we’ve seen the last of him.

* Dr. Sullivan reveals to Imogen that she had a teenage son named Sebastian who was stabbed to death years ago, presumably by Archie. She believes he was angry with her for not saving him when she was treating Rose. He became her bogeyman. And just when you think things can’t get any weirder, Dr. Sullivan goes missing, leaving only a car full of red rose petals in her wake. (Side note: There’s no way that Sebastian could still be alive, right? Possibly now going by the name Johnny? We’re not saying we want it to be true, we’ve just been waiting for the other shoe to drop with Imogen’s perfect new man all season.)

OK, let’s talk this out: Do you think Kelly is dead? Why is Rose at Mouse’s house? What is Noa thinking choosing Jen over Shawn? Where is Dr. Sullivan? And most importantly, who is Bloody Rose?! Drop a comment with your best theories below.

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