Did Rachel's Beef Trifle Inspire This? Scientists Come up With Meat Flavoured Ice-cream

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Fusion food and restaurants serving such fare have been the craze for a long time. Many chefs make their mark by inventing new dishes with an unusual combo of ingredients to tingle the taste buds of their clientele.

However, many of these ‘fusion foods’ are not appetising as it requires an acquired taste to appreciate the creation.

One such new creation has tummies churning for many, with the introduction of a meat-flavoured ice-cream. It may sound like a bad dream of culinary choices, but unfortunately this new invention is all too real.

Scientists at the Minsk Institute of Meat and Dairy in Belarus have gone ahead and created a meat flavoured ice cream and is called Ice Meat. According to reports, the meat flavoured dessert was made for the first time at the Belago 2020 exhibition is September.

The institute released a video showing their finished product called the ‘Ice Meat’, it looks as appetising as it sounds. The cold dessert is served from an ice cream machine and has a sludge like consistency, as reported by UNILAD.

The institute has not yet revealed what the meat flavoured ice cream tastes like. Given its name, no other details were shared if it tastes closer to chicken, pork or beef flavour. Chief specialist of technologies for dairy production, Grigory Pinchuk, who is the only one to taste a small spoon of their new invention, didn’t seem thrilled about it and commented that the ice cream’s flavour could be further refined to taste better.

Defending Pichuk, another colleague Irina Kaltovich, a senior researcher at the institute said, “The meat ice cream is a refreshing original healthy product and is perfect for a light for a light snack. The cold dessert also has the advantage of absence of sugar in its composition,” she added.