Didi Gregorius will bribe you with good deeds for All-Star votes

The buildup to the Major League Baseball All-Star Game on social media can be annoying. Look, we enjoy the actual contest as much as everyone else, but we could do without our feeds being clogged by countless not-so-clever hashtags pining for a player to make it to the midsummer classic.

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Every team with a player in the Final Vote engages in this tactic, so we’re not targeting one specific club. However, if you’re going to campaign for desperation votes on the final day of voting, you could at least come up with a creative way to bother fans.

The New York Yankees and Didi Gregorius found a way to do just that. Gregorius announced on Twitter that he would head out into the city and exchange good deeds for votes. Based on the videos he’s been sending out throughout the day, he’s lived up to his word.

Gregorius kicked things off by giving directions and offering up free swipes at the subway.

From there, he acted as an amateur photographer for some tourists.

He even jumped behind a food counter and made fans some lunch.

Fans have until 4:00 p.m. ET on Thursday to submit their ballot for the Final Vote. They can do so on MLB.com or by tweeting out the hashtag that corresponds to the player they prefer.

If Gregorius’ good deeds didn’t convince you he’s the choice, perhaps his stats will. Over 253 plate appearances, the 27-year-old is hitting .301/.329/.477. He also plays exceptional defense up the middle.

Didi Gregorius is campaigning for the All-Star Game in the final days. (AP Photo)

At the same time, we wouldn’t blame you if you thought there were better options. Gregorius’ 2.2 fWAR is tied for third among all American League Final Vote candidates. He trails Tampa Bay Rays first baseman Logan Morrison, who probably knows he’s not going to make it, and Boston Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts.

Gregorius does play for the Yankees, so his path to victory does seem pretty strong. Just to be safe, though, he’s made a point to campaign and connect with everyday people. If he loses, that will make the constant “Bogaerts would have won” cheers easier to deal with, at least.

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