Diehard Habs fan says 'it's torture' these days being married to a Rangers fan

The NHL playoffs can be a tense time for any hockey fan, but it's especially rough  when you are married to the enemy.

Maria Sotos-Giamboi is a native Montrealer and a passionate Montreal Canadiens fan living in New York. Her husband, John Giamboi is a New Yorker and a diehard Rangers fan.

With the Canadiens and Rangers facing off in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, being a Habs fan in Rangers territory isn't easy.

"It's torture.I get picked on a lot by my family and friends who are Rangers fans," says Sotos-Giamboi.

But she believes she will have the last laugh.

She has the Habs winning this series in six games.

The Canadiens lost the opening match 2-0 to the Rangers Wednesday night at home.

Watching Canadiens and Rangers games together is not an easy task for the couple.

"We try and stay far away from each other," says Giamboi.

The two sit on separate sides of the room while the game is on and do not speak to each other.

Their home in New York has Canadiens and Rangers paraphernalia proudly on display, but both try and avoid coming into contact with items from the wrong team. "Maria's Habs mug might be on the counter but I will do whatever it takes to find another glass to drink out of," Giamboi says.

The two will be making the trip north to Montreal this weekend for Easter — just in time to be in attendance at the Bell Centre Friday night for Game 2 of the series.

This time, Sotos-Giamboi will have back up: she has five family members who are huge Habs fans joining them at the game, on top of 21,000 plus Habs fans that will be in the building cheering on the home team.

"It's now my turn to torture my husband!"