Diesel the dog — already a TV star — can now add honorary St. John's firefighter to resume

The German shepherd playing the lead role in the locally-filmed TV series Rex is the kind of good boy the St. John's Regional Fire Department wants to recruit. 

After working together on set in St. John's, the fire department knew they had to have him in their ranks, so they made Diesel an honorary fire fighter during a ceremony at central station on Wednesday.

Alyson Samson/CBC

Local firefighters were cast in an episode of the show where a food truck blew up and the crime-fighting dog was on the case.

Fire chief Sherry Colford says the dog was a natural.

"He appeared to carry the same great traits as a crime-fighting dog as what we require to make a great firefighter," she said.

At the start of Wednesday's ceremony, firefighters first put Diesel to the test in a simulated scenario and got him to drag a person to safety.

He then placed his paw on a yellow helmet and took a pledge to the SJRFD.

Alyson Samson/CBC

Diesel as 

Rex has been shooting around the city since the fall. The crew uses the same pyrotechnics team as Republic of Doyle, which partnered with the local fire department several times for controlled explosions.

Alyson Samson/CBC

"It's a little different than rolling up to a house on fire," laughed captain Gerry O'Neill.

"This is a van that's parked and you know it's going to explode at any minute. So you're waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and then bang."

After the explosion was shot and the fire department knocked down the flames, Diesel's job was to go examine the vehicle to sniff out possible clues.

He passed with flying colours, and now has another skill to brag about at the dog park. 

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