Difficult To Sell Motorsports In A Country Obsessed With Cricket And Olympics: Aishwarya Pissay

In sports that are inaccessible to the public, it is very important for government sports associations and private organizations to incorporate grassroots initiatives to accelerate people’s, especially women’s participation in such sports.

Motor racing is one such niche sport that not many men take to and women even rarer. It’s not only difficult to train oneself in motor racing but finding sponsors for this expensive sport is equally a struggle. No one knows breaking the gendered glass ceiling and raising funds in motorcycle racing better than Aishwarya Pissay — India’s first ever athlete to win a world title in motorcycle racing.

“There have been women in the past as well who have come in and gone, but motorsports is an expensive sport so sustaining it is very difficult, which is why, not just women but you see a lot of men also drop out because getting sponsorships is not a very easy task, especially for a sport that's so unconventional,” Aishwarya Pissay tells MAKERS India in an exclusive conversation. Watch the interview to hear her detailed views on an increasing number of women participating in motoracing and the sport gaining momentum in India.

(Interviewed by Poorvi Gupta; Video produced by Manasi Phadnis and edited by Dhruv Sharma)

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