'Diff'rent Strokes' alum Todd Bridges denies that he threatened his ex with crossbow, stun gun

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Todd Bridges has had his troubles since his glory days on Diff’rent Strokes, but he says allegations that he threatened an ex-girlfriend with a crossbow and Taser are “very false.”

A woman named Tiffany Wolf was granted a temporary restraining order against the former child star, according to the Blast. An ex-girlfriend of Bridges, she claims he threatened her on various occasions, including with weapons — specifically a crossbow (normally used for hunting) and a stun gun. The order states that Bridges must stay 100 feet away from her — and her pets.

Wolf, who says she met Bridges on a dating website, claims that on one of their first dates he pulled out a Taser and used it several times in close proximity to her face. At one of their first sleepovers, he pointed the crossbow at her. She said she started to feel scared in his presence when he “pulled a gun on a dog because he thought someone was breaking in.”

Todd Bridges, pictured in October, is in a dispute with two ex-girlfriends. (Photo: Getty Images)

Wolf also says Bridges told her he had once “shot someone” and “did not know whether they lived or died.” She broke up with Bridges in May but says he later started harassing her online, so she sought protection. She wrote in the filing, “I am in fear of my life because I know Todd is mentally unstable and has weapons.”

Bridges has a different take on the dispute. When he was asked by a fan on Twitter whether the domestic violence allegations against him are true, he replied “Very false” and hinted that Wolf’s legal action was retaliatory.

Bridges later posted a second tweet saying he filed his own restraining order against a different woman — who later became friends with Wolf.

Bridges has not yet responded to our request for comment. However, this kind of a saga isn’t new. Earlier this month, he was granted a restraining order against another ex-girlfriend, Melissa Hill. It’s unclear what necessitated the order, but they had a nasty breakup — as he’s been sharing on Twitter.

According to a rep, he had only known Hill for a month. He’ll be in court later this month to resolve that situation too.

Bridges is no stranger to trouble. Once a TV fave, he has a police record dating back to 1983. He battled a crack cocaine addiction in his 20s, leading to various charges, including drug possession. He was also charged with carrying a concealed weapon and making a bomb threat. Most memorably, in 1990 he was acquitted of murder and manslaughter related to shooting an accused drug dealer in a crack house. He has now been sober for two decades.

Todd Bridges (bottom left) with the Diff’rent Strokes crew, including Charlotte Rae, who later starred in the spinoff The Facts of Life. (Photo: Herb Ball/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Just last week, he was in the news for something positive — his tribute to the late Charlotte Rae, whom he knew from his Diff’rent Strokes days. He also wrote a note about Rae for her funeral, which was held Sunday. It was read by former Facts of Life star Kim Fields.

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