Diplo Describes Burning Man Escape With Chris Rock

Music producer DJ Diplo recalled his experience with comedian Chris Rock as they managed to escape the chaos of a rain-soaked Burning Man festival this weekend.

The Burning Man festival, which occurs annually in a desert in Nevada, has been marred by torrential rainfall that began Friday, leaving more than 70,000 people stranded. The rain had created “incredibly muddy conditions” with water standing ankle-deep, The New York Times reported.

Festival organizers had recommended that everyone shelter in place and conserve their food and water until the conditions improved, which they later expected by Monday afternoon. But some people, including Diplo and Rock, took it upon themselves to find a way out.

Diplo told CNN on Monday that he and Rock were joined by other festivalgoers looking to make it home, including actor Austin Butler and his girlfriend, model Kaia Gerber, and Gerber’s mother, supermodel Cindy Crawford. He added that it was a struggle Sunday to wade through the mud for about three hours before hitching a ride.

“It was a challenge, but honestly one of the highlights of the whole trip was getting out there and enjoying the time out there and seeing the desert, walking through the mud and meeting fans,” he said.

He’d also mentioned his experience with Rock.

“For sure Chris is going to have a huge bit in his next special about Burning Man, because he was really bizarrely scared of what was going to happen,” Diplo said. “He thought there was going to be cannibalism a day later and didn’t know if people were going to run on our camp and steal our stuff.”

A video of Diplo, Rock and others in the back of a truck circulated on social media.

“It was like the old times, you know, just caravanning across the country,” the musician added.