Director Stephen Surjik returns home for Regina film festival

Well-known Regina director and producer Stephen Surjik is returning to the place that inspired him to get behind the camera.

"I went to public school in Regina and a lot of my thoughts and early experiences were formulated by the people and places in that area," said Surjik on CBC Radio's Afternoon Edition.

He'll be launching the Living Skies Student Film Festival at the University of Regina by giving a talk about how he crafts an episode of the Marvel Netflix original show Daredevil.

"I'm looking forward to seeing the films and meeting the filmmakers," said Surjik.

"They have been promoting student films for 29 years and the group that has put it together ... are all following a legacy that I'm proud to be a part of."

It was at the U of R that Surjik was inspired to pursue a career as a director. He attended a film course taught by Jean Oser.

"I would watch and listen and I was star struck," said Surjik.

After studying at Concordia University in Montreal, Surjik got his big break working as a director on The Kids in the Hall.

It jump-started his career to work internationally on prime-time dramas such as The X-Files, Burn Notice and Person of Interest.

Deconstructing Daredevil

Surjik is the only director who has worked on all five Netflix series by Marvel entertainment.

He'll be deconstructing a scene of Daredevil 7 p.m. CST Thursday night at the University of Regina's Shubox Theatre.

"When people talk about directing a film or a TV show, very few people know the exact responsibilities that fall on the director," said Surjik.

He'll start by describing the script phase all the way through to watching the completed scene.

"The interesting thing is I've actually never watched [the episodes]," said Surjik.

"I do my directors cut and present to my producers at Marvel Television. And they give it to the people at Netflix and they re-cut, they add new sound and new music. I will be able to see what lived and what died."

After his talk, Surjik plans on attending the Living Skies Student Film Festival from March 2-4.

In addition to Surjik's talk, there will be free screenings of student films from around the world and a workshop by veteran director of photography Layton Burton.