DirecTV Customer? Switch to Dish and get a $300 gift card

Man watching NFL on Dish.

If you live in a place where today’s trendiest media providers and high-speed internet service providers won’t lift a finger to get you service, you may have become adjusted to being a beggar. But Dish knows better and is upgrading you to a chooser via their high-quality satellite live TV streaming service. If you’re currently a DirecTV customer, you get a $300 gift card when you switch to Dish and use code DTV2DISH. It can be used on their service — which can be as low as $85 per month — or whatever else you want it to be used for. It’s your money. You can also get a bonus $100 gift card on top of the $300 if you sign up for an eligible high speed internet plan via Dish. Tap the button below to explore and earn from Dish or keep reading to see our comparison of Dish and DirecTV as well as some surprise Dish features we think you’ll like.

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Why you should switch to Dish

It is clear that switching to Dish is worth something — exactly $300 — if you’re a current DirecTV subscriber, but why should you if you’re happy with DirecTV. When we compare DirecTV and Dish, there are a ton of differences between the services. Here are just a few of the key ones to get you interested:

  • Dish allows you to watch up to 4 shows at once on a single screen.

  • Dish allows for recording of up to 16 shows simultaneously, offering 2,000 hours of DVR space as part of their service.

  • With Dish, you get a universal voice remote with a ‘Hey Google’ button and a remote finder feature.

And all of this comes with the knowledge that Dish is offering free installations, which once cost you $200. Then, Dish International plans offer channels from around the globe in several different languages, so it doesn’t matter what your family speaks (or studies) — there’s a Dish plan for you. It all comes around to Dish being about giving people choices even when more talked about services have left them behind. Satellite reaches just about anywhere, and Dish is ready to compete for your business.

So, to check out these plans and these offers, be sure to tap the button below. You’ll find information on signing up for Dish, a service that can be as low as $85 per month. Then, get $300 or even $400 in gift cards (~3.5 and ~4.7 months of service worth, respectively) if you’re switch from DirecTV.

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