With 'Disaster Artist,' Franco brothers hope they can bring 'The Room' creator Tommy Wiseau to the Oscars

The irony is not lost on Dave Franco.

His new film The Disaster Artist recreates the production of The Room, the 2003 movie generally regarded as one of the worst ever made and celebrated for its indescribable, hilarious awfulness at midnight screenings ever since. Yet given the overwhelmingly positive response its received since premiering at the SXSW Film Festival in March, it could be his ticket the Oscars.

Or more significantly, it could be the film that would bring Tommy Wiseau, the inscrutable writer, director, producer, star — dare we say, auteur — of The Room, to the Oscars.

“The best thing about going to the Academy Awards, if we have a chance, is getting Tommy Wiseau to the show,” Franco told Yahoo Entertainment at the Governors Awards (watch above). He’s already picked out his outfit, too: “His three belts, his glasses… black hair down to his ass.”

In the film — directed by and co-starring his brother James Franco as Wiseau — Dave plays Greg Sestero, whose autobiographical book of the same name the film is based on.

Even if The Disaster Artist doesn’t end up at The Big Show, though, Franco will be content with where the film has taken him. “Going into the first screening at SXSW, we were like, ‘We like this movie, who knows what anyone’s going to think?’ And so the fact that people have responded the way they have, it’s all bonus. If it all ended today, I swear to God I’d still be happy. So, let’s see what happens.”

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