Discount variety store plant surprises owner, grows limes

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It started as a discount variety store plant that Veronica Verkley purchased down South.

Once she arrived home to her off grid cabin in Dawson City, she added the plant to her other house plants.

"For a long time it wasn't very noticeable," she said.

Then it started to flower a few times a year.

"I would come into the cabin and it smelled like I'd been cleaning but I had not been cleaning."

Verkley said that for the first three years, the plant would only flower, and give off a smell that resembled the smell of dish soap.

Veronica Verkley
Veronica Verkley

And then one day, three years ago, a lime appeared.

"Suddenly, it started producing fruit which has been amazing," Verkley said.

"Not very many. I don't know, maybe four or five fruits a year."

No green thumb

Verkley says she cares for the plant in the same way she always has, since she first brought it home six years ago.

"It's in the same pot it was in from the beginning and I haven't added any fertilizer or anything," she said.

"I live off grid so it doesn't get anything. I mean it never gets below zero in here but beyond that, it's on its own. I don't know what it's thinking."

The limes now grow full size.

Verkley says each lime has a really tough, thick skin and is really juicy.

She often gives her limes away as presents but the ones she does keep are used for mixed drinks when guests visit.

Veronica Verkley
Veronica Verkley

Verlkey, whose background is in filmmaking and visual arts, says that although she grows tomatoes and peppers in five gallon buckets during the summer, she has no farming experience.

She says in the winter months, she brings the buckets of soil into her cabin.

"Sometimes random things sprout in those buckets and I just let them grow," she said.

This winter, the newest sprouted plant appears to be an apple tree.

"Not that I planted it. It's just a stick but I think it's an apple tree stick. So maybe it'll grow apples, but I don't know," she said.

"It's like a flower growing in the crack of a sidewalk. I don't really do anything. I water them and they are in the sun. That's it."