Disney super fan rides 216 rides in ‘surreal’ trip to all 12 parks — in just 12 days

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Screengrab from Nathan Firesheets on Twitter

A Georgia man checked every Disney theme park off his bucket list after embarking on a 12-day tour of every Disney theme park in the world.

Nathan Firesheets, a Disney super fan, completed the Disney Global Ride Challenge, attending the 12 parks worldwide in 12 days, according to a video he posted on Twitter.

During his 12-day trip, Firesheets traveled to France, China, Japan, California and Florida, according to KTLA.

“Twelve days ago I set out to ride every operating ride at all 12 Disney Parks around the world. I started with the Orbitron at Disneyland Paris, and tonight I finish with the Astro Orbiter at the Magic Kingdom,” Firesheets said in the video posted March 20.

The Astor Orbiter marked Firesheets’ 216th ride and the completion of the Disney Global Ride Challenge.

Although this is his biggest challenge completed yet, this isn’t Firesheets’ first rodeo.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel announcing his decision to attempt the Disney Global Ride Challenge, Firesheets said he rode every ride at Disneyland in a day in 2018, then went back and did it again the following day.

He later successfully “completed the first coast to coast completion riding everything in” California’s Disneyland and Florida’s Walt Disney World “in a mere 36 hours,” he said in the video.

Firesheets documented his 12-day worldwide trip on social media, sharing photos of food and rides he went on at each location.

“It was pretty awesome and kind of surreal,” Firesheets told KTLA. “I still can’t quite believe I did it.”

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