Display your controllers in style with controller wall mounts

Having as many systems actively connected and ready to play in my game room, storing and organizing controllers can be a pain. I don't want to just throw my controllers in a drawer, but just leaving them strewn about isn't an option either. When browsing Amazon recently, I found that Oivo had a series of wall mounts for controllers that definitely piqued my curiosity. The mounts come in convenient two and four packs, but quite honestly, just buy the four pack. They're only a few dollars more and you get twice the number of mounts. Oivo includes hardware to either hard mount these to the wall with a screw and anchor, and they also include double-sided tape. The face of the mount folds down to hold your controller securely. Overall it's a very simple but effective design. I will admit, I am not one to put holes in my walls if I don't have to, so I decided to go the double-sided tape route. I am very particular in the type of double-sided tape that I use, so I used 3M tape instead of what they provided. I've used it for years in the world of RC, I know and trust it. Before you apply the tape to the mount and wall, make sure take a few minutes to seconds to clean both surfaces. Alcohol is a good way to clean these spots, I also use electornic component cleaner for this same purpose. I test fitted a number of controllers before mounting to the wall. Wireless controllers for the NES and Super NES fit perfectly. So did things such as the PlayStation 5 DualSense 5 controller, the Blue Shock controller for the Xbox Series X & S, and everything in between. For the most part, as, well, this won't do a thing for you if you have OEM N64 Trident controllers. Why it RoX: - Very budget friendly - Stores and displays your controllers beautifully - Two mounting options included - Attractive design - Compatible with just about every wireless controller What could be improved: - A larger quantity would be nice - More color options - Not compatible with N64 Trident controller Should you buy one? I have to say, I really like these mounts. They do a great job of attractively displaying and storing your controllers and getting them off of shelves, tables, and overall helping to declutter your gaming area. I would really like if they revise this later on and came up with a version that you could paint to match your walls easily, and having the ability to buy an 8 or a 12 pack would be terrific. Overall, this is a really simple yet great product, and for under 20 bucks it does an amazing job.