New district fire chief at Sexsmith department

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Nolan Jespersen, the new Sexsmith district fire chief, introduced himself to council after starting last Monday.

The district fire chief position was created in 2018 to manage the Sexsmith Fire Department and provide support to the La Glace, Bezanson and Teepee Creek stations.

The previous district fire chief was Dale Widsten, who took the role in August 2018.

Jespersen was previously deputy fire chief for Stony Plain starting in 2017 and an officer in Fort Saskatchewan helping that department transition to a staffed fire service in the last year, he said.

EDAC provides update

Shane Pospisil, Sexsmith’s economic development consultant, also gave an update on the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC).

Pospisil said EDAC has met with industrial developers to promote the town during several recent meetings.

Companies include Hammerhead, which updated EDAC on a project in Greenview, and Northern Eagle, which is considering establishing a biodiesel plant in town.

EDAC is also looking at local infrastructure including Internet capacity, and is exploring options to improve connectivity, Pospisil said.

No ATCO fee increase

The town is renewing its electric franchise agreement with ATCO Electric, with no increase to the franchise fee billed to consumers.

Under the agreement ATCO will deliver electricity to residents for approximately 10 years.

The fee is currently 5.5 per cent, or a monthly average of $6.10 for a resident.

The bylaw approving the agreement was given first reading Dec. 7 and received no objections from the public, according to administration.

Councillors Clint Froehlick and Dennis Stredulinsky’s motions for second reading and passage were carried unanimously.

Brad Quarin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Town & Country News