How DJ Natasha Diggs Gives Fabulosity

diggs_ft - Credit: Rafael Avcioglu
diggs_ft - Credit: Rafael Avcioglu

There’s not much that can keep NYC-based DJ and producer, Natasha Diggs, down. As one of the resident DJs for the musical institution Soul in the Horn, she excels at uplifting the crowd as she did recently at the Rolling Stone Live: Chicago event, with a special appearance by KOOL.

Dubbed the “45 Queen” for her use of 45 RPM vinyl in her sets, Diggs views herself as a “vibrational shifter” whose influences run deep, specifically evoking the disco-era divas of the 70s.

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When asked who she’d most like to party with, Diggs said, “Someone like Grace Jones or Diana Ross; someone who just gives fabulosity in everything that they do.”

For more about the fabulosity of DJ Natasha Diggs, watch her full interview with Rolling Stone below.

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