'Docile and affectionate moose' cuddles with rescuers on northern Ontario lake

Holmstrom said they tried to lift the moose up using a tow strap underneath its legs but the animal was unable to stay on its feet. With the help of a few other people they were able to lead the moose to shore where there was more snow and better footing.

Holmstrom said she ended up calling the ministry of natural resources and forestry and two conservation officers came out around 5:30 p.m.

The officers told her they would have normally put the animal down, but due to the scarcity of moose in the area, they agreed to give the moose some time to recover.   

Holmstrom said the moose slept intermittently throughout the night, and was unafraid of her human caretakers. 

But when morning came, the moose was still unable to get up.

"I think if we had found her the day before, I think we could have saved her," said Holmstrom, who says she will never forget the experience. "I never expected a moose to be so docile and affectionate."