Doctor Who Boss Russell T Davies Has A Disappointing Update About This 1 Fan Theory

Millie Gibson and Ncuti Gatwa in Doctor Who
Millie Gibson and Ncuti Gatwa in Doctor Who Lara Cornell/BBC Studios/Bad Wolf

We’re afraid we’ve got some disappointing news for Doctor Who fans waiting for answers about one of the new season’s biggest mysteries.

Ever since Anita Dobson made her Who-niverse debut in last year’s Christmas special, she’s been at the centre of plenty of speculation due to her character, Mrs Flood, and her penchant for breaking the fourth wall.

Mrs Flood has also appeared in several episodes of Doctor Who’s recently-concluded 14th series, in which she continued to reference the audience, leading many to ponder the true nature of her character.

Some even theorised she may have a connection to another Doctor Who character from years gone by, based on a variety of clues.

However, while plenty of viewers are still waiting for answers, showrunner Russell T Davies has admitted there’s a high probability he won’t ever reveal them.

Anita Dobson in character as Mrs Flood
Anita Dobson in character as Mrs Flood James Pardon/Bad Wolf/BBC Studios 2023

That hasn’t been explained, and it might never be, frankly,” he told SFX, admitting that while he and others behind the scenes know “exactly why that happens”, he’s still “showing no sign of putting that on screen”.

Russell said: “There is actually a reason for it that was in a very early draft of The Star Beast. But I see no need to explain it whatsoever.

“My sister watches that, she doesn’t blink. She actually doesn’t blink when a character turns to camera and gives them a wink.

“I mean, you would if it was Pride and Prejudice, that would be odd. But there’s something showy about Doctor Who, there’s something proscenium arch about it. There’s something arch about it, full stop.”

“I think it’s a programme which you can very happily turn towards the audience. It’s a very fine, very simple tradition,” he added.

Russell T Davies with the cast and crew of Doctor Who last year
Russell T Davies with the cast and crew of Doctor Who last year via Associated Press

The most recent season of Doctor Who was the first with Ncuti Gatwa at the helm, while former Coronation Street actor Millie Gibson played the Time Lord’s right-hand woman Ruby Sunday.

Doctor Who will return for another Christmas special at the end of this year, with The Doctor confirmed to be getting an additional companion when the show’s 15th season airs in 2025.