Doctors, health unions urge Alberta to take short, sharp action on COVID-19

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EDMONTON — More than 430 Alberta doctors and three major health unions are urging Premier Jason Kenney to invoke short, sharp public health restrictions to reverse a soaring rate of COVID-19.

The physicians, in a public letter issued today, suggest time-limited restrictions, including suspending indoor dining, bars, theatres and religious services.

They urge the government to provide further support for businesses that would be affected.

There have been at least 600 or more COVID-19 cases daily for more than a week in Alberta.

As of Wednesday, 217 people were in hospital, 46 of them in intensive care.

Doctors say the goal is to bring down the caseload to prevent overwhelming hospitals and to prevent a longer-term economic lockdown.

Kenney has resisted shutting down businesses, saying household gatherings are the main cause for the spike, and that getting Alberta through the crisis means balancing health, the economy and the community.

The Canadian Press