Documents showing alleged Richmond County financial info released

Documents showing alleged Richmond County financial info released

A taxpayer in Richmond County, N.S., has posted what she says are details of the municipality's controversial sundry account to social media.

Some councillors recently called on the municipality's chief administrative officer to provide details about the account, which contains items not listed in the operating budget.

The information wasn't immediately provided and he was subsequently fired.

Germaine MacDonald said she posted the documents to the Taxpayers of Richmond County Facebook page after receiving them through a freedom of information request.

However, she declined to comment on Wednesday, saying she didn't have time to examine the information in any detail.

No one from the municipality's office was available to comment.

What the documents show

The posts show a series of purchases by the municipality for local services and supplies, as well as councillor and staff expenses.

The list does not provide any details, but other documents contain copies of invoices with more detail.

James Goyetche, a Richmond County municipal councillor, said he isn't on Facebook and hasn't seen the documents there.

In an interview early Wednesday afternoon, he also said he still hasn't received copies as a council member.

'I want to find out'

"There are many questions revolving around this sundry issue that the taxpayers of Richmond County want to find out, and I want to find out also," Goyetche said.

"I want to find out exactly what is that account, and some people are saying that it's overbudgeted or underbudgeted, or there are items in there that shouldn't be."

In a text late Wednesday, Coun. Jason MacLean said he received an email from the municipal clerk containing a list of expenses and invoices associated with the sundry account.

MacLean said the information was provided to council following a freedom of information request, but he couldn't confirm that the documents posted to Facebook were the same ones councillors received.

Goyetche said an independent auditor, the accounting firm Grant Thornton, has been asked to look into the account and to provide details to council.