Doechii Swapped Pants for Triple-Layered Underwear at NYFW — See Photos

Pants were optional for rapper Doechii, who ditched the bottoms in favor of triple-layered underwear for a Tommy Hilfiger event during New York Fashion Week.

In the ‘90s and early ’00s, Hilfiger's instantly recognizable red, white, and navy blue branding was one of the most popular logos to wear, whether it was a pair of Tommy boxers peeking out of your waistband or a Tommy logo crop top or polo shirt. The brand has had a resurgence thanks to the current obsession with all things Y2K, and Doechii's head-to-toe Tommy was a fun update to the '00s style.

The underwear is clearly the center point of Doechii's look; the musician wore a super high-waisted undie with three layered Tommy Hilfiger waistbands, pairing it with a matching white bralette top. Over that, she layered an oversized red, white, and navy Tommy shirt with pearl snap buttons and accessorized with a few thick silver chain necklaces and skinny sunglasses. It's a look that would have been right at home on TRL circa 2000 had it been paired with cargo pants or short shorts, but skipping the pants gives it the perfect 2023 twist.

<h1 class="title">Doechii Swapped Pants for Triple-Layered Underwear at NYFW — See Photos</h1><cite class="credit">Gotham</cite>

Doechii Swapped Pants for Triple-Layered Underwear at NYFW — See Photos


Doechii is one of our fave style stars to watch; she frequently draws elements from the past, like the pink bikini top and low-rise jeans she wore for the 2023 BET Awards. According to the “What It Is” rapper, a lot of her inspiration came from watching her mom get ready for a night out when she was a child. “I’d watch them … get ready for the club, and then my mom would drop me off at my grandma’s house,” she told Allure. “I would look at her and the sparkly stuff she would wear and think, I want to be a woman so bad. I always saw myself as this version of who I am now. It was a good thing, but also a bad thing because I didn't really see myself or appreciate who I was at that time.” Later, she incorporated more rock-influenced, alt-girl elements into her look and created the “character” of Doechii to help her truly express herself.

Doechii will be joining Doja Cat and Ice Spice on Doja's Scarlet Tour, which kicks off on October 31, and we truly cannot wait to see what she's got planned — not to mention what she wears onstage!

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