Does Jimmy Garoppolo elevate San Francisco’s offense? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

In this edition of the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast, Matt Harmon and Tank Williams talk about how the 49ers quarterback will enhance the offense in week 3.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: One thing that was interesting to me, Tank-- and this is kind of narrative-ish, so maybe you can help me speak on this. But I thought when Jimmy came off the bench last week, he played a really good game. And he was kind of aggressive. And he even spoke-- he was throwing that thing deep, outside the numbers. Aiyuk had a deep pass interference play.

I think it's going to be there for Aiyuk because I think that Aiyuk has taken another step as a player. That was the drumbeat all offseason. I think Jimmy will-- Jimmy and Aiyuk haven't had a lot of time together either. When Aiyuk popped off as a rookie, Jimmy was hurt. So I think it's probably, at worst, a lateral move and potentially good for Brandon Aiyuk if Jimmy is going to continue to be aggressive.

And he kind of said this after the game, right, that he felt like it was like 2017 again where he could just get out there and play loose because he has kind of nothing to lose at this point. So a little narrative-ish that maybe Jimmy will play more aggressive because he has everything to gain and nothing to lose at this point right now.

TANK WILLIAMS: I mean, it's a great point, the way that the Niners have treated Jimmy Garoppolo like he's the quarterback that they didn't want but that they need right now. And when you've been in a situation where you led a team to a Super Bowl, yet still they go out and they move up in the draft to draft your replacement, and then they give him your job coming to this offseason.

You have surgery. You think you're going to end up on another team. Somehow, you end up signing back. Then that guy goes down early in the season. Jimmy G knows he's not the long-term answer for that team. At least he doesn't think he is. So right now, he's like, hey, this guy is not-- I don't have to look over my shoulder with this guy. He's not coming back, and there's nobody else on this roster that's going to come out and get me.

They already don't think too much of me, so what can I do? Just go out there, ball out, let it fling, let it fly, and then just play my way into another big deal with another team. And so I believe he is going with that mindset. And we could potentially see a more improved Jimmy G. Because he's not playing with that hesitation, that uncertainty of he's just a play or two away or a game or two away from getting replaced.

MATT HARMON: Tank, would you like to guess how many air yards per target Deebo Samuel is averaging right now?

TANK WILLIAMS: I have no clue, but probably like, what, 4? [LAUGHS]


TANK WILLIAMS: Oh my goodness. [LAUGHS]

MATT HARMON: 1 air yard. Not air yards, air yard--


MATT HARMON: --per target. Air yard per target.


MATT HARMON: 1 air yard per target for Deebo Samuel. So I think--

TANK WILLIAMS: Oh my goodness.

MATT HARMON: I think he's going to play a ton of running back, right? He's still their best outside stretch runner. Good he got his money, right? And good he got the contract bonuses. But he's probably gonna hit them bonuses this year, man. So I think that Deebo probably not going to return value at ADP just because I think he was a little too steamed up.

But the air yard per target will come up at some point. He'll be fine. But I do think that the seas are-- I think the seas are kind of parting for Brandon Aiyuk to really still take that next step because Deebo is not playing that wide receiver role. And obviously, we might get Kittle back for this game as well. So I think we're feeling pretty good about Aiyuk. I mean, my God, 1 air yard per target.