Does Trader Joe's Accept Apple Pay?

Person walking into Trader Joe's
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Thanks to the miracle of technology, these days we're much less likely to get caught in the nightmare scenario of having forgotten your wallet and not realizing it until you're at the register. Thankfully (or maybe not), Apple users tend to be pretty attached to their iPhones, so it's pretty convenient that we can now pay with them when out and about. At least when frequenting businesses that accept Apple Pay.

By now, it seems that most major retailers accept Apple Pay, but there are some notable exceptions. Walmart and Sam's Club don't accept Apple Pay, for instance, because each has its own proprietary app, offering those in place of other mobile payment methods like Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay. But Trader Joe's, like most major grocery stores, does indeed accept Apple Pay (as well as Google and Samsung Pay). As long as you have your Apple Pay set up and attached to functioning cards, you can abscond with all the Scandinavian Swimmers and Everything But The Bagel seasoning you want, no wallet required.

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Trader Joe's storefront sunny day
Trader Joe's storefront sunny day - Felixmizioznikov/Getty Images

Trader Joe's isn't the most high-tech grocery store out there, intentionally eschewing self-checkouts and online shopping in favor of keeping the in-store shopping experience affordable and personable. It doesn't even have an app or any kind of digital coupons or loyalty program, opting instead to promote specials and limited-run items the old-fashioned way: With its own grocery store circular, the Fearless Flyer.

But when you check out with that real live human cashier, you can still pay like it's the 21st century: With your iPhone. Other smartphone users are covered, too, if you have access to Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

In addition to the major mobile payment methods, TJ's accepts credit and debit cards, cash, personal checks, EBT cards, and Trader Joe's gift cards. If you're a big buyer or recipient of gift cards, just note that Trader Joe's only offers physical gift cards, not digital ones. So, if you're planning on paying with a gift card, you better not make the mistake of forgetting your wallet.

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