Dog attack on cat prompts fencing for coastal path

Saskia Irwin
Saskia Irwin said her cat had to be put to sleep following an alleged dog attack [BBC]

Changes are set to be made to a Jersey coastal path after a dog allegedly attacked a cat on private property.

The landowner said her pet cat had to be "put down" due to its injuries on the North Coast.

Saskia Irwin said she had previously allowed walkers to cross her land.

Environment Manager, Julia Clively, for Countryside Access in Jersey, explained less than a third of the North Coast was government owned.

Private property sign
A landowner said her cat had to be put to sleep after a dog allegedly attacked it on the North Coast in Jersey [BBC]

Ms Irwin said her cat, Mellie, liked to sit on the wall and wait to greet her when she went home.

She said: "A dog that was not on a leash must have come into the garden and has attacked her.

"All her ribs were broken and her hind legs were torn so she had to be put down."

Mellie the cat
Saskia Irwin said she was 'reluctant' to stop people from walking through her land, but if nothing was done, she could 'close the cliff path' [BBC]

She added: "The dogs run ahead and there is nobody here to control the dogs.

"I would like to have latched gates on either side of the garden on the cliff path so that when dogs come to the gates they have to wait for their owners.”

In response, Ms Clively said she was "really shocked" to hear what happened to her "poor cat".

"We're going to put some fencing and gates around her private property and we'll put some signs up to remind people to have their dogs under control and to just be aware that they are crossing private property," said Ms Clively.

Julia Clively
Julia Clively said the government was speaking to stakeholders to improve the islands countryside signage [BBC]

She added: "I'm not sure I'd like to see private property signs everywhere.

"I think what we're asking people here is to just be more respectful, be aware that you might be crossing private property, be aware what you can and can't do and respect private land."

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