Dog And Cat Politely Attempt To Steal Each Other's Food

Cats may be many things - hunters, cuddlers, fighters, attention-seekers, silly pranksters, but they are definitely not thieves, right? WRONG! When a cat sets her mind on something, she will get it, no matter the cost. It would seem that cats govern their lives by the saying “the end justifies the means”, just like this one.

A Bengal cat is determined to steal the food right from under a puppy’s nose, even as the dog is still eating his food! The Golden Retriever puppy is minding his own business, munching on his kibble, but the cat is set on getting her share, even if there isn’t one! We love how the puppy doesn’t care one bit that someone is trying to steal his food, so he just moves with the bowl. Hilarious!

Watching the feline impostor poking her paw in the bowl and pulling it closer to her makes us think of all those petty sibling squabbles, where we would see our sibling using or eating something that we desperately want, so we try and catch them when they’re not looking to get it for ourselves! Muahahahaha!

Check out these two try their best to snatch up all the food in the bowl before the other one can. Guys - sharing is caring!