Dog eyes human eating food but tries not to get caught staring

Screenshot from YouTube.

Most dog owners know exactly what it feels like to see their pets staring them down with pleading eyes when food is around. But when it comes to the four-legged star of a viral video, he’s either too well trained or just too darn shy to make eye contact while craving a taste of human food.

YouTube user Divanerev posted this video showing a dog trying and failing to nonchalantly watch a human consume a carton of yogurt. The curious canine can be seen staring directly at the food, only to quickly turn his head away single time he’s caught in the act.

Since being posted on Monday, the video been viewed more than 240,000 times on YouTube and has inspired numerous commenters to demand the dog be given a taste of the tantalizing dairy product.

“Just give him some yogurt!” writes one YouTube user.

But is it even safe for your dog to eat yogurt in the first place?

As it turns out, a little yogurt from time to time may not actually be that bad of a treat for your pet. According to, yogurt can help aid digestion and certain stomach problems in dogs thanks to probiotic bacteria. It also contains important vitamins, minerals and is a source of protein, as well.

But be warned, you shouldn’t go feeding your pet just any kind of yogurt. Sugars and artificial sweeteners in certain products are hard for dogs to digest properly and can actually make them sick.

That’s why if you do want to treat your dog, you should give them a plain non-fat yogurt that will be easy for them to handle and won’t upset their stomach.

As for the dog in the video, it didn’t look like he received any yogurt, but he did get a bunch of people to feel sorry for him.