Dog left on roadside is embraced as ‘goofy three-legged love machine.’ She needs a home

Madison County Animal Services - NC video on Facebook

A dog found on a roadside charmed a North Carolina shelter with her “warm joy” — and now she’s in need of a new home.

Matilda the dog is preparing for her next chapter after she was hit by a car. Fortunately, a good Samaritan found the injured dog and brought her to Madison County Animal Services, the shelter wrote Sept. 25 in a Facebook post.

Matilda couldn’t move and was in “serious pain with a grim prognosis.” But a “life-saving surgery” helped to turn her life around, the shelter said.

A video posted to Facebook shows the pup had a cast on her left hind leg at the beginning of her journey. Later, she can be seen walking on three legs.

“Matilda’s warm joy and vibrant energy made everyone want to push their limits to succeed for her,” the shelter wrote. “Our staff and volunteers worked overtime (and then some) to get her the emergency care she needed and today Matilda is a gentle, fun, and goofy three-legged love machine!”

Matilda’s story became an inspiration for others, and now she needs help of her own. The shelter said it’s looking for “someone who will give her the extra care she deserves.”

“While she still has a long way to go she is ready to be in a loving home,” the shelter wrote, adding that people with adoption inquiries should call 828-649-3190 or email

Madison County Animal Services didn’t immediately share additional details with McClatchy News on Sept. 26. The shelter is based in Marshall, roughly 20 miles northwest of the popular mountain town of Asheville.

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