Doggy doo-doo raises stink in Sedley

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Sedley village councillors were reminded by Mayor Alan Currie that if residents approach them or contact them on social media to complain about bylaw infractions, they should direct those residents to speak with village administrator Samantha Gillies.

The request was made at the Jan. 21 meeting of council during a 20-minute discussion which began over complaints of dog excrement left by pet owners in various locations around the village. Coun. Lisa Selenski saw the complaint on a public Facebook page, where some members of that page raised a stink over what council was going to do about the issue.

“They wanted to know what the (village) could do about it and whether the (village) was going to levy a fine,” Selenski said.

Currie told council in those cases, Gillies is the designated person to address those concerns.

“You don’t necessarily have to take a picture, though it does help,” Currie said. “You need to tell Sam about it so she can have the bylaw enforced.”

Gillies added, “Council is not going to do anything about this. It’s management which deals with it.”

Upon being advised against replying to ratepayers’ concerns online, Coun. Joel Schaeffer questioned why, noting the general response to his own explanation of the local dog bylaw’s contents seemed to be constructive.

“I read the bylaw and the response we got by telling them was very positive,” Schaeffer said.

Currie replied, “If people have problems, the correct answer is to contact Sam and the administrator and management of the village will address it.”

Gillies said posts on social media aren’t official complaints to the village, as they must be in writing to be accepted and have actions taken.

“I know it’s bad — when I was walking dogs around (the village) I asked myself have these people not heard of poop bags?” Gillies said. “The complaint process is people have to fill out the form. They can go to the bylaws page on our website, click on the link and download the form.”

Gillies added while the complaint process maintains the anonymity of the filer, the complaint form must be signed and delivered or emailed to the village office.

“Enforcing bylaws is hard,” Gillies said.

Keith Borkowsky, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Quad Town Forum