Huskies attack girl, 5, in Calgary park

Calgary bylaw and animal services officials are holding two dogs that attacked a young girl on Sunday.

A five-year-old Calgary girl was treated in hospital after being attacked by two dogs on Sunday.

The two huskies were not on leash or with their owner when they approached the girl while she was playing in a park in Silver Springs in the city’s northwest.

Bill Bruce, the city’s director of animal and bylaw services, says a bystander stopped the attack.

“Probably one dog did the actual bite, grabbed her by the neck, pulled her down and thankfully a passerby stopped, intervened, pulled the dog off," he said.

The girl was taken to the Alberta Children's Hospital suffering from a number of bites, but police said her injuries are not life-threatening.

Both dogs are now in custody. Their owner has been located and will be meeting with bylaw officials on Monday to decide what will be done with them.

Charges will be laid in any case, Bruce said.