Dogs react with complete joy when garden hose appears

These are two dogs with an incredible story. They have never known anything but the perfect life on the farm where they were born. But it wasn't going to be that way. They were very nearly born into a life of despair, neglect, and abuse. Looking at their playful and joyful personalities, you would never know how close they came to such a different existence. Jennifer has brought out the hose to fill some water buckets for the animals on a hot day. When the dogs showed great interest in the hose, she decided to play some water games with them. Their reaction was beautiful. Faith is the devoted mother of these gorgeous husky/shepherd cross pups. She was found abandoned and pregnant, ready to have her pups without any help from anyone. She acted like an abused and discarded dog. But somebody took pity on her and called Black Dog Farm for help. The owners, Jennifer and Jim rushed out to pick Faith up and bring her to their sanctuary. They found her in a rough neighborhood with a piece of plywood leaning on some bricks for shelter. She was chained in the yard and was obviously getting no affection and very little food. It was as if she was just being forgotten. Faith was just days away from giving birth. With a few kind words, Faith was eager to get into a kennel and then into the truck with Jennifer and Jim. But two miles down the road, Jim pulled over and Jennifer brought Faith up to the front of the truck to sit on her lap. Since that day, Faith goes everywhere on Jennifer's lap. Faith arrived at Black Dog Farm in Texas and made herself at home that first night. She gave birth to these 6 beautiful and healthy pups. Despite being less than a year old herself, Faith was a devoted mother to her little family. She nursed them and watched over them protectively as they played and grew. All six pups went on to carefully selected forever homes but Faith had found her forever home right here on the farm. She has become so attached to Jennifer that she just would not thrive anywhere else. And she makes the perfect ambassador at this little piece of Paradise. These pups have all found loving families who give them the life that they deserve. They even held a virtual birthday party for the pups when they all reached one year. Black Dog Farm and Rescue can be found on Facebook. They help the most needy and most challenged animals become all that they can be, and all that they deserve. Please follow them and enjoy their stories and posts. And please feel free to support them so that they can continue the amazing work that they do.

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