Dollar Tree: 9 High-Quality Items To Buy in February

When it comes to shopping for high-quality items, Dollar Tree might not be the first place that comes to mind — but you may want to change that attitude. Dollar Tree does keep affordability front and center, but that doesn’t mean they sacrifice quality, especially on some new items that are just in for February.

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This month, check out these special finds on high-quality items that will make you really feel like you’re getting a deal.

White and Gold Stoneware Bowls

Throw an impromptu dinner party with a new set of these sturdy white stoneware bowls with a gold rim. They’re pretty enough to grace a table alone, and classy enough to pair with almost any tablecloth or dining room set you’ve already got. Even if you’re feeding a lot of folks, at $1.25 a pop, a whole new set will hardly make a dent in your budget.

b·pure Facial Serum Pack

Face and body care products can run very expensive for thinks that you don’t even have a guarantee that you’ll like. Save your money for other goals and grab a pack of these facial serum capsules that hydrate and replenish the skin.

Add them to an evening or morning skincare routine, or for anytime you’re just feeling the need to rejuvenate. At $1.25 per pack, your money will go a long way toward making you look and feel your best. These would make a great gift, as well.

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Non-Stick Saucepans With Glass Lids

Buying new pots or pans can be a hassle — and it’s usually not cheap. Dollar Tree takes the hassle out of buying a new sauce or soup pan by offering these $5.00 non-stick saucepans with a glass lid, which makes for easy monitoring of the food you’re cooking.

While they are pricier than the average Dollar Tree item, $5.00 is still significantly less than you’d pay for a new pan anywhere else. These do have to be hand washed, however.

Wide Glass Candleholders

Candles have a way of creating instant atmosphere, whether you’re having an intimate dinner for two, a cozy family affair or hosting a party for more. These 3×3.5-inch candleholders are the perfect size for any number of spots in your home, and they come in frosted blue, frosted gray and glossy clear.

15-Inch Farmhouse Hanging Cutting Board Décor

If you’d like to go for that country charm in your kitchen, consider adding in these adorable farmhouse hanging cutting boards with cute slogans like “Life is better on the farm.” They’re 15.75 inches wide, 0.13 inches thick and 7.8 inches long.

Metal Wall Clock

Clocks are a fabulous way to add style to any room with the added function of knowing what time it is. For $5.00 you can spruce up an office, living room, or really any spot in a house or business with this sturdy metal wall clock that looks like it was made by hand. It is 11 inches wide, 1.57 inches tall and 11 inches long.

Travel Sleep Masks With Earplugs

If you’re planning to do some travel for work or pleasure, be sure to bring along some of these travel sleep masks with earplugs. For $1.25 each pack, these silky masks will be smooth on your skin and block out the light, and the earplugs are essential for blocking out unwelcome noise. Whether you’re in the air, or in an unfamiliar hotel, you’ll be thanking yourself for purchasing these later.

Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story 4 Mini Figurines

While a lot of the toys at Dollar Tree are generic, these mini figures that are $1.25 each will delight children familiar with the beloved Disney-Pixar Toy Story movies. Buzz Lightyear, Woody, BoPeep and even Forky! These figurines are perfect for young children.

Make It Blocks City Construction Packs

Made in the fashion of Legos, Make It Blocks offer a more affordable option for kids who like to construct out of their imaginations. These city design and construction design packs are just $1.25 each, and a great way to keep young children entertained and off their screens.

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