Dominican Winter League slugger almost bat flips out of the stadium

If you hate bat flips, well, my friend, you should just stop reading this right now. We have a nice Hall of Fame series going and you can go read about how Scott Rolen ain’t sniffing Cooperstown this year.

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Now if you *LOVE* bat flips, let us introduce you to Juan Francisco, who you might remember from his days with the Reds, Braves and Blue Jays. Francisco is still hitting bombs in the Dominican Winter League even though he hasn’t played in MLB since 2014. He has eight in 35 games this season, including a pretty epic grand slam Thursday night.

Here’s the vid, stick around the bat flip:

Allow me to help you visualize just how wild that bat flip was. Here’s a GIF that brings together two different angles. Watch how high it goes.

Now here’s a still shot that shows the bat — notice it actually goes out of the frame at one point.

I know camera angles distort things a bit, but it kinda looks like he almost bat flipped out of the stadium. Juan, I think you should go for it, man. Fulllllll bat flip. Out of the ballpark.

You’d make my Hall of Fame for that.

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