Domus Optima Invites Indiegogo Community to Help Build Cohesion Real Estate Auction Platform

Domus Optima is set to bring about a paradigm shift in the Canadian real estate market by making it affordable to all. The company is looking to raise Ca$ 45,000 via Indiegogo to develop its unique Online Cohesion Auction Platform.

NEWMARKET, ON, June 2, 2020 /CNW/ - Domus Optima is pleased to announce that the Indiegogo campaign for the development of its Cohesion Real Estate Auction system is now live. A small company dedicated to making real estate affordable in Canada, Domus Optima is looking to raise Ca$ 45,000 to introduce an unorthodox approach to real estate purchase.  

In traditional auctions, buyers compete with increasing bids to secure the product, the Domus Optima Cohesion auction is an innovative take on this approach where the property price is decreased for the bidders by a cohesion amount contributed by all backers via the cohesion crowdfunding campaign. It creates an opportunity for the winning bidder to purchase real estate for a fraction of its market value while providing a fair price in the shortest time for the sellers.

Cohesion Real Estate Auction system creates a win-win situation for both real estate buyers and sellers with a plethora of lucrative benefits and adherence to social distancing.

"We believe that homeownership should be affordable for every working family. When changes in the real estate market are detrimental to that, we need to reshape the market and find opportunities to make homeownership affordable again," said Domus Optima Founder Vitaly Kaidanov.

Domus Optima has plans to launch in areas most affected by rising real estate prices in Ontario. The Greater Toronto area, and to a lesser extent, London are becoming increasingly difficult for homebuyers to afford and many have to opt for rentals. Domus Optima is looking to flip that narrative and make homeownership a tangible goal once again.

All proceeds from the Indiegogo campaign will be used for developing Domus Optima's Online Cohesion Auction Platform that will make cohesion auctions possible. Any additional amount raised will be spent on marketing and new products development.  The company has created exclusive rewards packages, to show appreciation for the generous support of the backers.

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