Don’t let these 3 January hidden streaming movie gems fly under your radar

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The year has just began, and it’s a wonderful time to catch up on those movies you might have been wanting to see, but haven’t for whatever reason. There are many worthy new releases, from sobering sports dramas like The Iron Claw to energetic musical romps like Mean Girls. However, a new year also invites experimentation, trying new things, and, as it turns out, new movies.

These underrated movies are ideal to watch in January. Whether they just arrived at your favorite streaming service or have struggled to stand out amid the competition, these movies capture the month’s spirit — excitement for what’s coming and nostalgia for what’s left behind. So don’t miss these underrated movies this January — we promise you won’t regret it.

Jane Eyre (2011)

Mr. Rochester and Jane about to kiss in Jane Eyre.
Image via Focus Features

“Withhold the hand of friendship and deny your love to Jane Eyre, the liar.” Mia Wasikowska delivers the performance of her career in Cary Joji Fukunaga’s 2011 period drama Jane Eyre. Based on Charlotte Brontë’s seminal eponymous novel, the film chronicles the titular character’s life, including her difficult childhood and her eventual employment at Thornfield Hall, where she falls in love with the rough Mr. Rochester (Michael Fassbender).

Sweeping and absorbing, Jane Eyre is among the most overlooked movies of the 2010s. Fukunaga and Wasikowska craft the definitive version of Jane Eyre, one of the most timeless characters in classic literature, while Fassbender is perfect as the Byronic hero Mr. Rochester. Jane Eyre seamlessly blends tragedy and romance, creating a layered and nostalgic portrayal of love that is satisfying without being overindulgent. Restrained, elegant, and above all passionate, Jane Eyre is the perfect drama for those who can’t stomach too much sentiment.

Jane Eyre can be purchased or rented on Amazon and other digital vendors.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris (2022)

Lesley Manville as Mrs. Harris smiling warmly in the film Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris.
Image via Focus Features

Academy Award nominee Lesley Manville stars in Anthony Fabian’s heartwarming comedy Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris. Set in 1957, the plot centers on Mrs. Ada Harris, a cleaning lady longing to buy a Dior couture dress. After saving enough money, she travels to Paris, where her spirited attitude changes the outlook of those she meets — and of the House of Dior itself.

Powered by Manville’s warm and profoundly sympathetic performance, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is the ultimate feel-good movie. It’s deeply relatable and with plenty of humor and heart. Manville is the reason to stay, but the rest of the cast, particularly a wickedly entertaining Isabelle Huppert, provide welcome support. One of the most underrated movies to watch on Prime Video, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris will surely leave you with a smile from ear to ear.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris can be purchased or rented on Amazon and other digital vendors.

Everybody Wants Some!! (2016)

Four guys float in a river in Everybody Wants Some!!!
Image via Paramount Pictures

Richard Linklater’s movies have the unique ability to capture the vibe of a specific time and place with remarkable detail Such is the case for his unsung 2016 coming-of-age comedy Everybody Wants Some!! Starring an ensemble cast of young talent, including Zoey Deutch, Top Gun: Maverick‘s Glen Powell, and Wyatt Russell, the plot follows a college freshman who, along with his baseball teammates, enjoys his newfound freedom on his road to adulthood in teh early 1980s.

Unlike other Linklater films, Everybody Wants Some!! went unnoticed by both award shows shows and audiences. However, it is among the director’s most honest and lively films, a delightfully honest, enthusiastic, and heartfelt depiction of youth that ranks among his finest efforts. Few films are as unabashedly nostalgic as Everybody Wants Some!!, making it the perfect option to start the new year.

Everybody Wants Some!! is now streaming on Pluto TV.