Donald Trump Jr. Challenges Courtroom Artist With Outrageous Request

Donald Trump Jr. made a big request of the courtroom artist covering his testimony Thursday at his civil fraud trial in New York.

A big request, indeed.

After Donald Trump’s oldest son concluded his testimony, he asked artist Jane Rosenberg to “make me look sexy,” according to Reuters, which hired her to cover the Trump family trial.

He even suggested an example he thought might inspire her: A flattering courtroom portrait Rosenberg did of Sam Bankman-Fried that Don Jr. said made the former cryptocurrency mogul look like a “superstar.”

Whether Rosenberg managed to make Don Jr. look, er, “sexy,” is a matter of opinion, but you can see the results below.

Considering that some courtroom observers like MSNBC analyst Lisa Rubin found Don Jr.’s testimony in the fraud trial to be “damaging” to him and his family, the request might have been a way to take attention away from it.

It might have worked too, based on the attention given to his suggestion to Rosenberg.