Donald Tusk highlights Europe’s lack of preparedness for potential Russian invasion

Donald Tusk
Donald Tusk

Insufficient preparation in Europe may have emboldened Russia to attack Ukraine, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said during European Economic Congress in Katowice, the Polish newspaper Onet reported on May 7.

"Never before in the history of the EU have political leaders been so unified about the necessary actions in Europe," stated Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk. He said that "a very significant signal" emerged from Poland recently, demonstrating that these declarations are not mere rhetoric.

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"History has manifested itself to us in its most tangible form."

"Today, the European Union must ensure its own security. This does not imply Ukraine's defeat. Improved European preparedness might have deterred Russia from aggressing against our ally Ukraine."

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Head of the European Council, Charles Michel, called on member countries to take radical and concrete steps to be ready for defense and put EU economy on a “war footing” on March 20.

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