Donate at a Windsor Salvation Army kettle with debit or credit this year

Looking to make a donation at a Salvation Army kettle, but missing pocket change? You can donate with a credit or debit card now at some of the Salvation Army kettles in Windsor. 

Paul Rideout, executive director of the Salvation Army in Windsor said this year is a pilot program of accepting cards instead of just cash.

"We've had it out on about half a dozen shifts so far," said Rideout. "Lots of people are surprised by it but others are saying it's about time."

Rideout said they haven't had any issues with the technology so far, and the cost of the machines are covered after just a few uses. 

"We have kettles out at 16, 17 locations and we have five machines," said Rideout. The machines are sent out when the volunteers comfortable with using the technology are on shift.

Laura Meader/CBC

According to Rideout, the move is a direct response of people who said 'Oh I wish you had debit or credit.'

"We've gotten some donations that we wouldn't have gotten if we didn't have them," said Rideout. 

Other Salvation Army organizations across Canada have also begun accepting debit and credit and have seen an increase in their donations.