Furnace company pays it forward by giving new units to Regina's German Club

Furnace company pays it forward by giving new units to Regina's German Club

The nightmare before Christmas for Regina's German Club was the estimated cost of at least $70,000 to replace the building's aging furnace system.

But that changed earlier this week when a company offered to replace and install three new furnace units in the building free of charge.

"It's like winning the lottery. It's taken a huge hinderance off of our plate," said Kerri Van Loosen, President of the German Club. "We don't have that kind of money just lying around, you know."

The German Club had been fundraising to fix the furnace but now that that aspect is taken care of, the money raised will go toward other repairs and upgrades needed, Van Loosen said. The furnaces could be installed as early as Wednesday.

In a Facebook post from the German Club, the offer from Reliance Mackenzie Plumbing and Heating was described as an early Christmas.

It has had a good year, business-wise, for Reliance Mackenzie, according to Shae Whalen, general manager of Reliance Home Comfort in Saskatchewan. 

It's because of the community that the company has been in good shape, so he said it was time for the company to give back.

"It's incredible to be able to do something for the community," Whalen said. "I know it's a historical building and that needs to be looked after, so whatever we can do to help is great."

Two company employees went over to the club and took a look around. The furnaces in the building were described as being in ill-repair, on their last legs, he added. 

When the good news first broke, Van Loosen said she told club members and non-members as they had their Oktoberfest kick off party.

"We appreciate that other people know how grateful we are and how much of a helping hand this is," Van Loosen said.

"It's huge for the club. It's huge for the community. ... It's beyond words of gratitude."