Don't burn bridges: There's a good chance managers will want to rehire you

Don’t leave your old job like this (Getty Images)

If you’ve ever quit a job, you’ve probably been warned not to burn bridges before you depart. That’s some good advice because according to a new survey by Accountemps, 91 per cent of managers surveyed would rehire former employees.

Employers should do a better job of parting on good terms too.

“Former employees are already acquainted with a company’s structure, training requirements, work environment, and expectations, making them well-equipped to ramp-up quickly and begin contributing,” says David King, Canadian president of Accountemps.

“Companies need to recognize the potential advantage of hiring back team members and proactively use exit interviews as constructive learning opportunities that can pave the way for a return down the road.”

But the survey also found only 33 per cent of former employees were keen to return to their previous companies. At 18 per cent — dissatisfaction with management was the biggest factor holding them back.

Tips when considering a previous employee’s return include: having a conversation, a formal interview, reorientation, and a reassessment of skills.

King says, “A candid conversation early in the hiring process to address why the employee initially left, their motivations for returning, and how both their career and the company may have evolved in the interim, is key to ensuring a successful rehiring.”

More than 400 office workers and more than 600 senior managers with 20 or more employees were part of the survey.

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